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Friday, December 20, 2013



I just needed to change 'providors'


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Random Post After A Very LONG Time!!!!

Hey everybody!!! It is kind of random that I am posting all of a sudden after so long!!!! I am really sorry that I suddenly stopped posting and I bet no one checks this blog for updates anymore. I've been busy and bored at the same time. Busy with school, which is boring. :) Anyway here is a very random post that I felt I like I wanted to post!!!

I keep hearing everyone around me say things about taking advantage of my situation. Various people have told me that it is a great experience to be living in another country like this. They tell me to 'take advantage of the situation' by quickly learning Korean while I'm here; since it will be harder to learn once I'm in another country. Because I was homeschooled last year, my friends told me not to worry and to 'take advantage of the situation; by using all my time at home to finish school work quickly and do fun things that matter to me with such a free schedule. This act of 'taking advantage of your situations' can mean ceasing an opportunity that is only open for a limited time. It can also mean being brave enough to reach out and take chances in order to make and steal opportunities you need for yourself. I don't know if you play volley ball, but in volley ball, if you stand still or in one place the entire game you're almost never going to hit the ball. You have to run back and forth; you have to ATTACK the ball (cease it) in order to play your best and win the game. There is nothing worse than that moment EVERY teammate things "She/he is probably going to go for it, so I'll just let her get it." (Then NO ONE gets it and guess what- YOU LOSE. Shout out to Ms. Tripp (not related to me but has same last name) Grace(from Korea), Mercy and other ANCANS (my school) that experienced this with me before!!!!!) If no one calls it, TAKE THE CHANCE and go for the ball- DIVE under it if you have to. The same way you play volley ball, 'taking advantage of your situation' can mean the same thing. If you want to succeed, you have to reach out, run around, take risks, and GRAB YOUR OPPORTUNITY BY THE ARM (Korean drama style)!!!! <>

One more meaning for it is using (and adapting to) what is around you. The same way I am learning Korea, while I'm IN KOREA- look around you and find out if, right now, you are wasting some precious circumstance that God has put you in. Take advantage of it!!!! It is not a bad thing to do. Those circumstances/situations/opportunities/chances were put there for a reason. Though you should be careful not to take the WRONG road, pray (ask God to help) and USE the wonderful (and precious for lack of a better adjective) gifts that God has given you. See the signs he wants you to see, and go where he wants you to go. Then you will have so called 'amazing coincidences' popping up everywhere. It isn't Mr. Coincidence, it is God. (You know what I am talking about?)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I like romance books (the sweet cheesy ones) because its nice to read about love and things like that, but I don't like to write about it. I am 14 years old and have no experience. Romance is sweet, but a romance book is better from the point of view of someone who has experienced it first hand. I have no idea what to expect when I "fall in love" or whatever. I have never been in love and I am far away from it. 
I am making an exception right now though because this challenge I gave myself is more fun with a romance scenario, I think.

I wrote about the situation from three points of views. It is about a girl and boy in an office building of some kind.

The first one was just supposed to be no opinion, inanimate object, so I used a dog. The second is the girl in the story and the third is the boy in the story. I know that I could have used more things to make the girl and the boy really stand out in the way that you can tell without a title that they are DIFFERENT in gender. I think I did a really good job for my first time though! :) 

A Dog:

The boy and the girl walk out of a white door. The boy is moving his mouth, talking, a lot.. The girl is leaking from her eyes. The boy and the girl are holding each other up now. Her mouth is folded slightly upwards, so is the boys. They are walking away now. They leave the building with their hands connected.


I thought that I had lost him. He left me a few weeks ago, saying that he was holding me back from my career. I was devastated and did not give a crap about my career. I just really wanted him back. I went through different stages. I was just sad all the time at first, then I was angry at him. Then I was just blank. I focused on anything but him. It all changed when he came into my office today with a rose. I was shocked. I hadn't spoken to him since the break up and I was afraid I wasn't going to see him again, but there he was standing in my office. The office never seemed so magical. He had a way of making everything seem magical. We leave the room together, so that we can talk. He seems nervous and I am anxious to hear what he has to say. He then starts to apologize. He says he made a mistake and he doesn't expect me to take him back. He says he loves me and he only wants me to be with him. He just kept saying word after word, but after “I love you” I hadn't heard anything else. I begin to cry. He looks worried, but these are tears of happiness. I am so overjoyed, I cannot contain it. I am laughing and crying at the same time. I don’t hold back and I hug him tightly. I think that he is tearing up now too. The hug seems to last forever, but eventually we let go. We leave the building holding hands.


I made a huge mistake about a month ago. I broke up with the most amazing, smart, and beautiful girl in the world. I love her and I always have. I only broke up with her because I had to. Her boss came to me and said that she was missing work because of me. Her boss said that I was going to get her fired. I know she cares a lot about her career, and so do her parents. I had to protect her. I knew that she would protest, and she did, but I just decided to think about how I was protecting her. It was the only way I could leave. I thought that I would get over at some point. When I left, I only got worse. I got sick and then depressed. I realized that I had given up the love of my life and that I needed her. I had to find out if she loved me- if she was over me so quickly or if she still wanted me. I am at her office now. I am about to open the door to her room. I am scared to find out what she will say. I don’t know if she is going to take me back after I broke her heart so badly. I am going in now, because I have to. I see her, sitting at her desk with her headphones in which means she is writing instead of working right now. I am getting closer and I she notices me. Her mouth drops open and I can’t tell if she is happy or sad about seeing me. I think that her face is lighting up now, but I could be making it up in my head. I put the rose on her desk and ask to talk to her. We are going outside of the office. I am very nervous, but I know what I am going to say. I begin to apologize and then I tell her how much I need her. I say “I love you” and I mean it more than I ever have. She is starting to cry now. I knew that I had broken her heart. I am worried that I broke it too harshly and I might have broken her entirely. She looks at me and smiles. I am no longer nervous. I am getting excited and my heart is racing for a different reason. She is laughing and crying. She grabs me and gives me a hug. We leave because we can’t bear to be apart right now. 

You have no idea how WEIRD it was to write and read that! Ew Cooooties, right? Lol I miss kindergarten! >.< HAHAHA I'm kidding, but it was weird. Totally got this from watching movies and reading books. 


I have a blog that is public, but I didn't directly SHARE it with anyone and I just use it as a journal or diary when I don't feel like writing stuff out. Anyway, this one turned out really well~! :D I love it~! Awesomesaucness! Loves you! 
Hey guys! What’s up? You know I am really lonely and some days it gets me super stressed out. I love to talk~ Talking with friends is just something that I find SUPER fun… Well, as a home schooler, I hardly ever get to talk to anyone. I mean, I have my ESL Classes and their parents are really friendly and nice and all…. But it is NOT the same when you have to take 5 minutes explaining one sentence and then (because you’re a teacher) you have to try and explain WHY and then get them to remember it…. I’m happy for the parents of my students who try to talk to me and some of them even try to take me places…. but I’d really just like to TALK to someone in a full conversation on the street, with someone who is around my age….. 
It gets really frustrating. But you know…. I am a missionary (missionary kid MK) and that’s what it takes. I have to sacrifice things in order to help other people. So I am going to put a smile on! Even if, at times, I start to get depressed or lonely I can remember 2 things:
1) God sent me here and therefore God is going to take care of me. He knows what is best for me. 
2) What I already said. Even though I am giving up friends, or conversation, or other things – I am here for a reason (a purpose) and that is to help people see the light of God, in me. And that is blessings and comfort enough! Am I right?

Shout out to all you Christians out there! And to those of you who aren’t I have to say 1) you are missing out and 2) sorry for this extremely awkward post for you… i should have warned you at the beginning…..

Sunday, February 17, 2013


  1. Nominate ten people. (probably not going to happen because, quite frankly, I have stuff to do and can't think of ten people)
  2. Answer le amazing questions.
  3. Thank the blogger who gave thee the award.
  4. Notify le poor and agonized bloggers that thee nominated of their social success in receiving this prestigious award.

1. The job you want to have?

I haven't OFFICIALLY decided yet but here are some things I have considered (and why):

Guidance Counselor: Really like this idea~ I have been researching it for a month or two now and I keep getting drawn to it. 
Public Relations Specialist: Idk... I just like the sound of it? I have found out a lot about them.... purty cool
Journalism: I was really set on this last year, but then I decided that I shouldn't for two reasons

1): Everyone wants to be a journalist and the job spaces are closing up quickly. 
2) There is so much sad and crazy stuff in the news these days. And whether they like it or not, news organizations show leniency 

2. Favorite singer/band?

ARGGGGGH..... IDK! Everyone??????

Songs I like:

God Gave Me You - Blake Shelton
Girl Worth Fighting For - ? Mulan OST "It doesn't matter what she looks like. It only matters what she cooks like. BEEF PORK CHICKEN (Giiiinger)
Pyrmaid - Charice
Dare You To Move- Switchfoot

3. Favorite chocolate or sweet?

Hmmm I will list a few:

Crunky (korean chocolate)
Reeces (Oh... I miss them so bad :S )

4. Three words to describe you?

Crazy. Procrastinator. Indecisive? 

Idk they all sound.... negative? :S 

alright stopping here. forget the rest of the rules~ ^.^

Tiffanysauce. Not in a VERY good mood right now....

Ice Fishing

Yesterday was really really fun! We had to wake up early for a Saturday, but it was definitely worth it! I had so much fun and got some really fun photos and videos! I will put some pictures along with this post, and will put the videos together to make one big video. Maybe my very first VLOG to accompany this blog? Cool, huh?! J

So! Guess what we did!

We went ICE FISHING!!!! It was so fun!!!! There were a group of 7 of us fishing that day, including myself. We (my family and I) woke up early and met the others at the subway. They drove us to the frozen lake where we would go ICE FIIIISHING!!! We got our funny “fishing poles” and went down to the lake, where these men had cut wholes out of the ice in order for us to fish.

The ice was about 1 ft. thick so no worries about falling in.

We caught a total of 5 fish by the end of the day.

Two of the oldest ladies went inside to the warmth first, then my little sister left and came back, and then my mom left. Then when I left, my Dad found this thing where me and Kari got to ride on like, a really slow 4-wheeler on the ice. 

After we left the ice fishing place, we went to a ladies house in the mountains. It is a really pretty house that is designed to look like the old Korean houses. It is cool because it looks really old and has some old kinds of touches to it, but then you see the lights, and wires (electricity). It’s a nice touch of old and new. There was also another good mix that day. After going to their house we all got to make Mandu, kind of like a Korean dumpling,

Kari made mashed potato and my Dad made his secret recipe chicken wings! It was a really EPIC mix of cultures!

There was a lot more that happened that day, but I will write about:

-the rest of the day
-the fishy fate
-and Sunday (the actual day of the Chinese/Korean (Asian?) New Year)

in another blog post.

Also here is what is coming up:

-my very FIRST vlog!
-A PHOTO POST!!!!!! I wanted to JUST add a few photos but we took so many awesome pictures! The pictures can show you better than my words can! Maybe I will “photo posts” (I will think of a better name) on special holidays or something! :P It won’t be with EVERY post though~ My blog would be so CROWDED

Still afraid of winter sports. Florida curse. Girrrrrrrrl.

-Tiffanysauce Loves YOU!

I added some stuff to like….the right side of my blog? Check it out~

-A Nice Quote
-Inspirational Prayer

I THINK that is what is on it~ I’m writing from word document right now because I have no access to internet. LOL Will copy and paste this whole thing~! ;) Have any of you ever done that?

Friday, February 8, 2013

Lots of exlamation points and CAPITAL LETTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Last weekend was really fun! On Saturday we went to visit a friend’s house. My Dad met two other foreign Dads at Itaewon a couple of months ago and last Saturday we finally had dinner with them. The house belonged to an American family. I am not sure why they are in Korea, but they have two daughters around my little sister’s age and they have a Nanny from England named Grace. She is in her young 20’s. The other family that came is from England and Korea. The Mom is Korean and the Dad is from England. The daughter speaks both Korean and English fluently! Kari made friends with ALL of them so they are going to go back!
They made us Korean ShabuShabu from AMERICAN chicken broth! How crazy?! My Mom was so excited to learn that we can continue to eat this in the USA though.
Here is how you make ShabuShabu (so you can get an idea of what it is):
1.     You have a bowl on a burner and you put in the broth (in this case it was Chicken Broth).
2.     Then after it heats you put in a TON of vegetable’s and meats and let it cook with the soup.
3.     Then you eat? LOL
This is SORT OF how it is done~ It tastes REALLY good and is one of our favorites! J I can’t wait to cook it for you AMERICANS out there, if I ever get back to Florida! J No pictures this time! I didn’t have the camera with me when they were making it! Sorry guys!!!!!
On Sunday at 2:30, we met with our friend Sue and Annie (I’ll explain about them at the bottom of this post). Sue took us all to discover a new English church service in Seobbingo (place). The church is called OEM or Onnuri (SPELLING?) English Ministry! It was REALLY good. They talked about some pretty serious stuff that week. It was crazy. I might start taking a Korean class on Saturdays there with the rest of my family. How cool! After church we were walking back to the Subway and we find this little foreign store with foreign products!!!!!!! It was great! We got some Dr. Pepper and Root Beer! Guess what else they had?! LUCKY CHARMS!!!! And Kari got some Cheetos and we all got an Almond Joy. It was like…. H-E-A-V-E-N!!!!! I was so amazed at all the American stuff! <3 I might have to buy myself a box of lucky charms next time! OH! And they had POP TARTS. Can you believe that? POP TARTS!!!!!!!! It was… absolutely…. GREAT! In that shop, there was a lady called Holli (with an I (so cool)). She was amazed at all the American stuff too and anyway we started talking to her and stuff and then we decided to invite her to come to dinner with us in Itaewon. Itaewon is the foreign capital of Seoul. There are so many kinds of restaurants! It is amazing! We headed to the subway, but we decided to just take a taxi! There were a lot of us, so the first group got a taxi, but then me, my dad, sister and Annie waited for another one! It took forever! EVERY SINGLE TAXI WAS FULL OR RESERVED!!!! We FINALLY decided to take a bus, whenever I noticed that, in Korean, it said Itaewon on it. We ended up eating at the only Taco Bell in Korea. It was fun! We got home late, and had a nice sleep!

By the way! I am going to start a VLOG along with the BLOG since a lot of people liked that idea. I have to figure out some editing stuff and find some time and then I will officially start it~~~~ ^-^ ^0^ ~ Whoooooo~!!!!!!